New York City's Lost and Found

All of the faded leftovers

On 76 3rd Avenue between East 11th and 12th Streets, two old brick buildings stand which I pass every day on the way to work. One ground floor was once occupied by a Chinese restaurant, Yummy House and the other, a bar, Nevada Smith’s.

I always noticed that the 3 floors above in each building were boarded up and seemingly unoccupied. Sometime in the last two weeks, I noticed that demolition began on the right building, closest to 12th Street, but in a manual way - men tearing at the side of the building from the top down with hooks.

Over the next week, the wall or shell of the building pictured here was exposed - with each apartment’s fireplace showing along with what looks like layers and layers of original wallpaper exposed from possibly 100+ years ago.

You can read more about the planned demolition here and here from EV Grieve who also has a before picture.

  • 30 March 2012